2018 has been full of nice surprises

Lucía Regueiro, actress and presenter is a friend of us and we are very proud of it. She uses to give us some nice surprises wearing our jewels.

In 2018, her Instagram has been full of adventures and successes, and also wearing some of our jewels.

Her we have taken some of her photos of Instagram, showing you some of the jewels she has been wearing.

Thank you, Lucía, for trusting Ardentia until the last day of the year, the 31st of December, when you also were wearing some of our jewels: Origami gold plated.

Thank you and have a very shiny 2019!



Top photo: TVG
Rodrigo Vázquez, Lucía Regueiro and Xosé Ramón Gayoso, on TV on the 31st of December 2018