Our shops timetable for this Christmas

For Christmas we have dicided to propose a new and easier timetable in our shops, so, this is:

Our Eshop:
open 24 hours all days

Ardentia Vigo
Policarpo Sanz, 22 - 36202 Vigo
T. 886 125 262
monday to sunday: 11h-15h and 17h-21h
tuesday 24th and 31st of december: 11h-19h
sunday 5th of january 2020: 11h-22h

Ardentia Coruña
Estrecha de San Andrés, 17 - 15003 A Coruña
T. 881 969 347
monday to friday: 10:30h-14:30h and 16:30h-20:30h
saturday: 10:30h-14:30h and 16:30h-21h
sunday: 11h-14:30h and 17h-20:30h
tuesday 24th of december: 10:30h-20h
tuesday 31st of december: 10:30h-14:30h and 16:30h-20h
sunday 5th of january 2020: 10:30-22h

Both shops (A Coruña and Vigo) are closed on the 6th and 25th of december and on the 1st and 6th of january 2020.