Matisse, new collection

Matisse's pictorial work is still a source of inspiration for everyone.

On this occasion, we have created a collection of jewels where some of the icons of Matisse's work have explicitly become little jewels.

The Matisse collection is our special tribute to this multi-faceted French artist.

During his last years, in spite of being very old and having serious health problems, he continued to create works of art. These works are the ones that most inspired us to create this new collection of Ardentia.

His cut-outs in coloured gouache painted paper are the elements with which we have played to design, using the same language of flat shapes.

The result is Matisse: a fresh collection, with simple shapes that gave us a lot of much pleasure during the different phases of its development. From this whole process, we have chosen a series of combinations which we hope you will enjoy.

So, this Matisse jewellery collection is, like all our jewels, made in Sterling Silver with a matte white finish or gold plated.
In addition, we have chosen a matte finish, with handmade stripes on each piece of jewellery, because it is a trend.

We hope you like it a lot and, of course, we look forward for your comments.

Thank you.

Luis Gonzalez
creator of Ardentia